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Pallet loading, Pack Design, Corrugated Analysis, Carbon Footprint and Specification Software.

Superpac is our fully featured and cost effective Pack design and Pallet loading software. Widely use by Packaging and Distribution Professionals worldwide since 1982 Works with XP/Vista/Windows 7,Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Created and Developed by PCS - we do not use agents thus ensuring the shortest sales/development link and the best after sales support from knowledgeable personnel.

Modules within Superpac include:

       Casefit - Case onto Pallet
       Primary Pack Collation - Pack into Shipper onto Pallet
       Primary Pack - SRT - Pack into SRT into Shipper onto Pallet
       Flat Blank - Flat cartons or Corrugated onto Pallet
       Cylinder Pack - Cylinders (drums/film reels) on Pallet
       Crate Pack - Products into Crates onto Pallet
       Corrugated Analysis - for all Pack > Pallet modules
       Carbon Footprint - for all Primary modules
       Database of Plans - storage for selected solution
       Realistic 3D graphics - works with pallet loads & shelf module
       Packaging Help & Info - Internet based resource tool
       PDF Document Creator - Built in to the modules listed above
Superpac 2019 v20.0 is now available.

The software has a host of new features and will significantly add to the Packaging Development and Information functions available from PCS.

Contact us now for a detailed list of new and improved features.
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Pallet loading, Packaging Optimisation and Cost Saving Software

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