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Superpac is our easy to use, state of the art, software package has been developed by us since 1981 and works with Windows 2000/XP/Vista ,Windows 7 ,Windows 8 and Windows 10. It’s the fastest way to establish your optimum packaging solution for any new or existing product.

Superpac evaluates from a case onto pallet to more complex packaging formats. Our unique +/- on dimensions instantly tweaks your pack size for optimum fit.

 All data files used by older versions can be read with this version. For new users we can pre-load the system with all current case sizes by batch running the sizes from a spread sheet file and generating pallet plans.

Pallet Loading Software & Pack Size Optimisation

The CO2 software module from PCS can be used to effectively calculate the carbon emissions generated for a ‘complete pallet load’ of consumer goods including transportation.

The software can instantly calculate many options for one design brief and assign the CO2 emissions attributable to all of the options. This means the user can confidently select a low carbon solution for your Packaging solution.

The carbon footprint report can be supplied to your customers, thus providing high quality information which complements the current drive for a low carbon economy.

Carbon Footprint Calculations

Corrugated Box Stacking Strength Analysis

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Superpac links to our Corrugated analysis software.  This consists of :

1) Stacking Strength/Corrugated Compression analysis
2) Material usage and cost analysis

3) Estimates ECT for any combination of liner and fluting
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Structural Packaging Design for Pack Designers

Superpac 2019 v20.0 is now available.

The software has a host of new features and will significantly add to the Packaging Development and Information functions available from PCS.

Contact us now for a detailed list of new and improved features.

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