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PCS Packaging Software Ltd. was formed by Mitchell Collins who is the current Managing Director.

Mitchell Collins has been involved in the Packaging Industry for over 30 years and is a qualified Packaging Engineer and a qualified Packaging Technologist. He has worked as a Packaging Development Manager at the highest level and has been an Independent Consultant and Company Director since the 1980's. He has also designed software for the Packaging Industry which is in use with many 'blue chip' companies. Therefore he has a unique blend of expertise which few others possess.
In addition to supplying software, PCS can also work with your company on a practical level to:
We offer a range of multi user software options that enable you to share your software, data or documents.
Run your software from the 'Cloud'.

Access our servers, anytime from anywhere.

Suitable users on multiple sites.

Access through portable, desktops, Windows, Apple or Android systems.
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Packaging Services

Networking options
Cloud version

Reduce or identify Pack Damage in transit

Create a Packaging Strategy

Identify Packaging Cost Savings

Optimisation your Pack and transit system prior to launch

Create an effective Packaging Specification System

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Corrugated Compression Analysis

Pallet Loading Software - UK, USA, Europe, Asia

Calculate your carbon footprint
The CO2 software module can instantly calculate the carbon emissions for a ‘complete pallet load’ of consumer goods including transportation.

Confidently select a low carbon solution for any Packaging solution.
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